Happy Holidays: I’m Still Alive!

Happy Holidays, Gentleman Cthulhu fans!

(That is, of course, if any of you are still checking this site.)

And They Call it Mummy Love: A Gentleman Cthulhu Collection coverI’m sorry for the long absence, and if you’ve been checking my blog on jmdesantis.com or happen to be a member of my Patreon (and you’d be very informed in the latter case), you’ll know I had my reasons for taking a break.

That said, I plan to catch up entirely on this years’ comics (that is, Year 4; comic #157 through today’s #175), hopefully before the New Year. After that, I’m going to turn my attention to completing the Year 3 set (#105 – 156), and put out that collection (which will be appropriately renamed Gentleman Cthulhu: The Comics out of Time rather than Third Cheers a Charm). 

Also worth mentioning, the And They Call it Mummy Love collection is complete, but I’ve decided to delay it until January/February 2019. I know it was supposed to publish this past February, but a number of factors were effecting its delay, including learning more about publishing and self-publishing, which to the establishment of Dark Fire Press (which is the publisher of Gentleman Cthulhu: Twice the Fears and Cheers).

Plus the Mummy collection is about love (albeit unrequited and unfortunate). I still think it belongs publishing close to Valentine’s Day. However, it’s currently available in digital format on my Patreon (patreon.com/jmdesantis).

I’ve changed a number of things on the Patreon page, including combining a few tiers. My $1 patrons will now have access to previews of any self-published and many traditionally published works, including early access to Gentleman Cthulhu comics. Gone are the $3 patrons, but the $5 patrons get digital access to all self-published work, as it’s ready to go to print (which, of course, includes any Dark Fire Press publications).


Dark Fire Press (darkfirepress.com) will handle not only the publication of all Gentleman Cthulhu books, but all self-published works from me (J. M. DeSantis), which includes some upcoming Lovecraftian work in 2019, and a new collection of sketches and writing called Creative Collections: J. M. DeSantis – The First Ten Years.

That said, if all goes according to play, the collections of the third and fourth “years” should go to print in 2019, as well as the trade collection of the first three years, Three Cheers for Gentleman Cthulhu.

With that, and the establishment of DFP as an LLC, I’ve finally followed through on the long-standing plan of submitting the first two Gentleman Cthulhu collections to comiXology. Hopefully they are approved, and so should be available both there and on Amazon. (Drive Thru Comics is another platform I’m working on getting the comics on as well).

That said, although it’s one of the only “Year 4” comics to post so far, there won’t be any new comics for the next two weeks, until the New Years’ comic on 1 January 2019 (this is actually in line with the posting schedule that was planned).

If you’d like more information about any of the above, you can visit jmdesantis.com and read yesterday’s blog post. Otherwise, Gentleman Cthulhu and I will see you in 2019.

Have a good end of the year, and Happy Holidays once more!


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