Get Your Free Chadhiyana #1!

I realise that the last few comics on this site have been about some shameless self-promotion, so I do apologise for the above. Normally the comic is intended to be about hilarious and ridiculous situations involving monsters (and Gentleman Cthulhu’s seemingly clueless commentary thereof). However, it is worth mentioning that my main project, Chadhiyana, is currently experiencing a great deal of attention right now, including (as the above comic mentions) a promotional giveaway of the first issue. 

A full blog post about all of this is up on both and my main website, Feel free to read it if you wish. If not, just know that you can get a copy of Chadhiyana #1 for free on (from now until October 28th) using the promotional code chadpod at checkout. This coincides with a mention of the book on The comiXologist (comiXology’s podcast) and the release of issue 2 just yesterday.

The reviews have been great on both issues, and honestly, Chadhiyana is the main thing I’m working on (not taking anything away from our lovable, tentacled gentleman). So if a medieval Indian fantasy series with a strong female lead is something you might be interested in, now is the perfect time to check my comic out. After all, Lovecraft was a huge fan of One Thousand and One Nights (otherwise known as The Arabian Nights), and Chadhiyana is loosely relatable. So, if you like Lovecraft, maybe you’ll enjoy this book too. (Something like that.)


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