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At the end of this month (or at the very latest, the beginning of next month), I will be starting up a mailing list. At this point, with Gentleman Cthulhu, my main comic series Chadhiyana ( and my weekly blog (, never mind any forthcoming publications and projects, it’s starting to become necessary to have a central means of keeping fans up-to-date. This monthly newsletter is going to be an attempt (and hopefully a successful one at that) at keeping all of my fans in the know on everything that is coming out from me.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any Gentleman Cthulhu news, and even get to know some of the other things coming out by and from me, sign up for the mailing list using the form below. In most all cases, you will receive only one e-mail a month (except in the case of breaking, important news). Hopefully you’ll all find this a very useful way to stay on top of all things Gentleman Cthulhu and otherwise.


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