Apologies for My Silence

I realise it’s seemingly been a while since there was any word from me (again), both on my websites and on social media. I can assure you this absence was not planned (unlike the time I took off in the summer to recharge and reevaluate things), nor was the length of it premeditated. Rather, I was without internet access in my studio for a full two weeks—something I thought was originally only going to be a few days.

I won’t get into specifics (I still like to keep some privacy in my life), but it’s worth noting I’m back online and just in time, as there’s a new Gentleman Cthulhu collection to release, a sketchbook to finish up and print, Chadhiyana to return to, and two conventions coming up in the next three weeks.

Next week, I’ll be in Artist Alley at the Baltimore Comic-Con, and then two weeks following that is the New York Comic Con, at which I’ll be in my typical location these past few years: booth 1259 in the Small Press section of the convention. Unfortunately, because of certain delays, including this internet situation, it’s very unlikely I’ll have the sketchbook available for Baltimore, though I’m trying to ensure Gentleman Cthulhu: Twice the Fears and Cheers will be available thereat. The sketchbook, however, should be available for NYCC. My apologies also for any disappointments there. Again, in this case, it was out of my hands.

That said, I know my holiday (if you will) during the summer already put me behind on a number of things, including my main projects (Chadhiyana and Gentleman Cthulhu), though this lack of internet and a few other things have put me just that much further behind than I already was. I can assure you that I’m making all efforts to catch up, and even have a few new ideas brewing behind the scenes that I’m hoping to share toward the end of this year or in early to mid 2018.

After all, 2018 marks ten years of publishing for me, so I’m hoping to observe it well. Plus, I know for months I haven’t been the most reliable creator (something that hasn’t been true about me in the past—mostly), and I’m hoping to make up for it. Just know that it’s going to be something of a slow climb. I don’t want to burn out again, and slow and steady wins the race.

So, until next week…

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