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Get Your Name in Gentleman Cthulhu volume 2

EDIT: Deadline has been extended to July 31, 2017! Now extended to August 31, 2017! (final extention)

The second collection of Gentleman Cthulhu comics (from is releasing late this summer and you can have your name included in the next volume! During the month of June, anyone who becomes a supporter of my Patreon page (at $3.00 or above) will have their name listed in Gentleman Cthulhu: Year Two (working title) and receive an exclusive, Patreon-only digital copy of the collection before it goes to print (print copies are available for $5.00 supporters and above). Just click the link below to become a supporter!

J. M. DeSantis on Patreon
J. M. DeSantis Patreon button

Though, if you’re interested in more information before you decide (including non-Patreon support), read on.

If you’re unfamiliar, Patreon is like a monthly subscription service for supporting artists long-term. Even so, I don’t mind if you decide to support my Patreon for the month of June only and cancel your subscription in July just to get your name in the book (though you do get additional perks with your subscription, including early access to Gentleman Cthulhu comics and other news before I post it publicly; including some upcoming Chadhiyana news).

That said, if you’re not comfortable supporting through Patreon, I will make a special spot on the supporter’s page of the upcoming book for those who would rather a one-time donation. Same rules apply: $3.00 for a digital copy; $5.00 (or above) for a print copy (though, for international supporters, I must ask for an additional $15.00 for shipping–Customs is expensive, I’ve found). Please send one-time support-payments through PayPal to (my e-mail address is spelled phonetically to avoid spam–but just click the link): jay-em-dee-AT-jay-em-dee-san-tis-DOT-COM (just be sure to include your name and address).

Also, the reason June is the month for getting your name in is that I have to send the book to the printer so that I can receive all of the copies in time for the Boston Comic Con in August (the convention where I debuted the first volume; and as Massachusetts was a favourite locale of Lovecraft, it seems most fitting). So, June 30th is the cutoff date. If you are not a patron or make a donation by June 30th, your name will not be included in the book (though you can still enjoy all of the other content from my page, and would still get a copy of the book in August).

That all said, I hope you’ll choose to join my Patreon community. Already in the first month I reached my first two goals (albeit small) and we’re nearly halfway to my third. And of course, you’d have my immense thanks for the support as well.

I hope you decide to join, though if not, look for the next Gentleman Cthulhu book in August and keep enjoying the updates on


J. M. DeSantis on Patreon
J. M. DeSantis Patreon button

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