Two Big Announcements from Rosarium Publishing

Rosarium_Publishing_SunTzu_quoteToday is a very special day for me and Chadhiyana (my medieval Indian assassin comic–also my main creative project). Not only has Chadhiyana #4 been given a release date of April 27th, but Rosarium Publishing (Chadhiyana’s publisher) has launched a massive crowdfunding campaign in order to reach the next level in its growth as a publisher: (appropriately named Rosarium Publishing: The Next Level).

Specifically, Bill Campbell (Rosarium’s creator, founder, editor-in-chief, talent scout, fellow creator and just about every other important job for Rosarium) is asking contributors to help fund Rosarium’s move out of the print-on-demand market and into the position of making small print runs of their books. Not only that, but he’s also hoping to invest more money into marketing and promotion (which Rosarium as a whole has already done a pretty effective job at through word of mouth, social media and conventions).

Chadhiyana_volume1_coverOf course, on a personal level, I’m really hoping the campaign succeeds because Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows – Book I (which will collect the first six issues of Chadhiyana) is one of the many books this campaign concerns. Though aside from my personal interests, I really like what Rosarium is doing as a publisher, which is why I’m so happy to be under their masthead.

You can check out more about the campaign at and if you’re a Chadhiyana fan, you can even put in your pre-order for volume 1 now (which will earn you an extra 4-page mini-comic by yours truly!). Though I would suggest you take a look at what other books Rosarium is offering through their perks, especially if you’re looking for diversity in both subject matter and creators–though that’s not to say you shouldn’t pre-order Chadhiyana volume 1 as well.

I suppose that’s all for now. Though I should mention that if you’re a NetGalley member, Chadhiyana #4 is already up on the site ( Everyone else, you’re just going to have to wait a few weeks until the 27th!

Thank you all in advance for the support!

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