235 – Happy Horrordays 2020

235 – Happy Horrordays 2020

  • Tsath says:

    Is the comic coming back some day?

    • Gentleman DeSantis says:


      Thank you for the comment, and I’m sorry for the long wait for a response (if you’re even checking back at this point). I should put an official announcement. The comic has gone on an unplanned and unintended hiatus. My current workload and focus, plus–I won’t lie–the state of reactions to comedy these days caused me to step away from the comic. Again, this wasn’t planned, and I believed I’d be back at it sooner than this. But I still have a stack of comics written and notes for other jokes and scenarios. Collectively, there’s about “3 years” worth of content on the site, but after far outpacing what I expected from this little comic, I was hoping to hit 6 or 7 years’ worth.

      So “someday” is probably the best answer, but it’s said that “someday never comes.” I don’t intend for that to be the case. I wish I could give a more concrete answer, but your comment is at least encouraging that someone is/was reading and that perhaps I should put Gentleman Cthulhu down in my project list for 2023–or sooner, if I can manage it.

      Thanks again for your patience and readership!

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