In Memory of David Margulies

I have to admit, I had no idea who David Margulies was other than by his role in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II as the mayor of New York City, Lenny Clotch. I never watched the Sopranos (as an Italian-American, I think mafia-based entertainment is just stupid), and I’m not a theatre goer. However, in the midst of the recent string of celebrity deaths (or semi-recent, as these dedication comics are still on Gentleman Cthulhu’s weekly posting schedule), a friend of mine posted that Margulies had died, and immediately I decided to add a comic for him as well.

For one, I’m not a person who associates fame with importance. As such, I don’t see why David Margulies’s death should be any less observed or felt than Alan Rickman’s or David Bowie’s. Second, considering Margulies’s role in the original Ghostbusters films, I thought I could come up with a cleverish idea for a comic that would fit well into Gentleman Cthulhu’s universe–whatever that is. As a result, this particular dedication comic is my favourite of the lot (and, yes, there is still one more to come).

That said, I can find little information on Margulies, other than his role in various films, plays and television shows. That is unfortunate as it gives me little material to write from, and it does vaguely hearken back to my above statement that fame and importance are not one in the same. I suppose then it is worth saying that despite a person’s fame or lack thereof, we are all still people. Many of us need to keep that in mind.

For me, I’m grateful to Margulies for his smaller role in two very significant films from my childhood, and those immeasurable moments entertainment alone are worth this dedication. Here’s to you David Margulies. Cheers!

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