Gentleman Cthulhu comics are now being collected into annual publications!
Though the comic will remain free online, you can now own all of the comics of each year in one collected issue. So far, only the first year was collected (in 2016), but more are on their way. Visit the links below to get your copies today.


Gentleman Cthulhu: Year One
written & illustrated by J. M. DeSantis

Full colour, 20 page floppy comic

A collection of the first year of comics from (numbers 1 – 52).

Features the first comics in the “And They Call it Mummy Love” series, a number of celebrity death dedication comics, plenty of monsters being corrected on their etiquette, and even a few comics featuring J. M. DeSantis’s other comic character, Chadhiyana.

Available on in print and digital formats: