Gentleman Cthulhu comics are now being collected into annual publications!
Though the comic will remain free online, you can now own all of the comics of each year in one collected issue. So far, only the first year was collected (in 2016), but more are on their way. Visit the links below to get your copies today.

Gentleman Cthulhu Annual Collections

Gentleman Cthulhu: Year One cover
Gentleman Cthulhu: Year One
IndyPlanet (print & digital)
Gentleman Cthulhu: Twice the Fears and Cheers cover
Gentleman Cthulhu: Twice the Fears and Cheers (Year Two)
IndyPlanet (print & digital)
Gentleman Cthulhu (Year Three)

Coming Fall 2018


Other Gentleman Cthulhu Colletions

And They Call it Mummy Love: A Gentleman Cthulhu Collection


(Cover TBA)

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